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Welcome to your Guitar Course For The Absolute Beginner. If you have come to the site with no experience at all with the guitar and wonder where to start, this series of lessons is what you are looking for.

In Lesson 1 we start with some of the first things a student needs to know;

What to look for in a guitar, a comparison of steel and nylon string guitars, a little talk about different sizes, and some of the different ways of holding the guitar.

The rest of this series has everything you need to start with a solid foundation and head off to the wonderful world of guitar playing.

Here is how the site works. It is simple once you know what goes on ...

1. You have to be logged in to view all content. (login at top right of any page).

2. You get a video placeholder similar to the one below below on all lesson pages.
    All videos will play in the placeholder area, so you never leave the page.

3. Below the video are all the lesson parts (in this case 33 of them) in the order in which they should be viewed and learned.

4. Below the lesson parts are links to any tabs or other printed material needed for the lessons (downloadable).

5. To play the video, you click the link to the lesson part under the placeholder, not the video placeholder itself.

So on this page you will click the first one that says "Part1: Choosing a Guitar". That video will play in the video placeholder space.

All videos on this site are streaming videos. You can't download or save them. That is why we have a drop down box for you to choose your internet speed below the lesson parts, so you don't get interruptions.

Finally, if you do click the video placeholder, a video plays that either reminds you to login, or if you are already logged in, to upgrade to Target Membership.

Important - you can enter and view every page on the site as a free member, and play any preview video. If you try to view target member content though, expect the nag videos to play.

After all if it wasn't for our paying target members, we wouldn't be able to offer you this awesome free conent ...

Why Target anyway?

Well, if you click on a lesson link on other pages that you really really want to learn, and you are not a Target Member, you will get the nag video explaining that content is for Target Members only, and that if you want to see it, you should join Target.

After a while this gets frustrating, especially if you are now a competent beginner and can play the free songs that you enjoy. Most folks are not satisfied to stay at beginner level - they want more.

The fix is easy and quite painless.

To try Target out we recommend you start with Target Lite (most full Target Members started out this way because it is an inexpensive way to test the program). In addition to the free songs, you will get access to any two songs a month from our extensive 500+ song catalogue for only $12.99 a month.

All lessons have a free preview, so you get a good idea what you'll get for your money.

OK? All set to go? Remember, If you practise diligently for about an hour a day, you can complete this free course in two weeks.

That's all it takes to be able to start playing complete songs in the song lessons. I promise you, if you can dedicate an hour a day, you will be able to play any of the 60 free songs from the list below.

So, go learn, go practice, go have fun.

If you find a song you love is NOT in our catalogue and you want to learn it, Join Target and suggest we create a lesson set for that song.

Stay Tuned and in Touch

Neil Hogan

Top Five Song Lessons

Let It Be by The Beatles
A Horse With No Name by America
Ramblin Man by Allman Brothers
Blowin' In The Wind by Bob Dylan
Down On The Corner by Creedence Clearwater Revival

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