Another month down and a lot of nothing changed, at least here in Northern California. I hope everyone is coping well, and maybe even taking advantage of the time to get in a little more guitar playing.

I do want to thank everybody for the patience we are trying here at TG and I am confident that the transitional time will soon be forgotten and we will be sailing smoothly. In the meantime, I am very excited about upcoming lessons as it has given me time to get to some pretty complex ones.

Today I played around a bit with things like The Sound Of Silence (or Sounds, depending on who you ask), John Barleycorn, Davey Graham, even a little Tennessee Ernie For and Steve Howe.

I hope you enjoy the brief update and will bee back next week.


A little ‘Tickle Me’ to start today, with more of it later. It is a tune of mine that I forget about for years at a time but recently it has grabbed me again, and I almost have it under control again. This led to a story about it misbehaving and getting replace by its sister tune ‘Paprika’, although I am not sure how that story hijacked the News today. Maybe I have just seen too many White House ‘press briefings’ lately.

A few things of interest this week were Doug Young’s gear video, which we will have back up here soon as the Forum migration is complete. As you may have noticed, we had to close it down temporarily to begin the move. Which is great news as it means the big wheels are really turning now.

We also are right up to our Anniversary date. April 26, 2009 was the official start of the Target Program. I know there are still quite a few of you out there who dropped in to our first TG Live that Sunday afternoon where the shenanigans went on for over 5 hours. It has been a fun ride and thanks to all who have been here for any time over these 11 years.

The rest of today’s update was on the hummingbirds, Joanie and Chachi have left the nest, Mrs. C. came back a couple times for a little housekeeping, and I have to decide how to clean up the mess while trying not to disturb the nest, just in case she comes back to use it for the next family.


The big news this week included the hummingbirds and pet names, classic TV, comments on songs and uploads from members, and livestreams from TG Friends. Needless to say some of the thoughts spun off into personal tangents, of course. We are also experimenting with snazzier production techniques, and you may notice some bumps we hope to work through soon.

If it is not too late, be sure to check out Keola Beamer’s concert, today at 8:00 Eastern. The link can be found in this post.

And Muriel Anderson will be doing another set from her living room on April 30.

The hummingbirds are growing fast and trying to get their wings strong enough to get them some lift. They are very close so we may soon be seeing the last of them. I did mention that we probably should name them before they take off and I solicit your suggestions. This led me into one of the tangents, talking about the names we chose for cats over the years.

Another wandering thought appeared due to catching an episode of Columbo last night. It centered around a winery, which turned out to be shot here in San Jose at the Mirassou Winery, a place I had visited often, and even played a few casual gigs at. In the story the wine brother killed his sibling who wanted to sell out to a jug wine group. Ironically, in the early 2000’s the Mirassou brothers sold to the Gallo, and the place became condos.

OK, back to the real world…