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Jeff Stanley

This guy (Neil Hogan) is a great guitar teacher. His full lessons are well worth it. Looking forward to this one. Learn to fingerpick Freight Train for less than ten bucks? It's a no brainer.


I run across your lessons quit often on youtube. Thank you for posting. You are a great player, and a great teacher. Many songs that you cover are quit magical, and you do a great job of sharing the experience. I hope that you continue to do well, and I thank you for all of the time that you have spent sharing your artistic endeavors. Thanks again.

John Mercer

Thank you very much for these lessons you have posted on TG. I started taking guitar lesson in 1973 beginning with the very basics! Life goes on and it wad hit and miss on the guitar but I started watching your lessons and it took me back to the teachers I had for the first 4 years of my guitar player instructions. I have leaps and bounds in my guitar playing. Because it took me from just learning the key hooks to a song too learning the whole song! Thank Neil for all your professional instruction. Im only a target light member but thats more than enough for this guy. Totally Guitars is worth every penny! Guitar lessons in 1973 were 6.50 a half hour. Now they are 20.00 plus for good teachers!

Dennis Ott

Wasn't until 6ish months ago I hit a learning wall. Just couldn't make any improvements. I tried out GuitarTricks, blah, Guitar something or other, blah. Then for some reason, I don't recall I decided to try TG. WOW my level of ability took off. My list of songs I want to learn expanded, I had a very difficult time trying to decide what I wanted to learn first on TG. I could go on and on about my improvements so far and my excitement of learning more, but hopefully you gather that.


I used TotallyGuitars' free material for a couple of months before I joined the Target program for fourteen months. I liked Neil's approach. He has a down-to-earth personality and his "banter" is always relevant to the topic. He definitely focuses on "older/classic" songs. I agree that it's not really about the songs. It's certainly not all about the songs. TotallyGuitars is a whole community of guitarists that are very helpful in the forums. I let my subscription expire only because I could not devote the consistent time to make me feel like the expense was worth it.

Big Bear

I've played guitar for over 40 years and I've purchased hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars worth of song books, instruction books, cassettes, CD's and DVD's. Despite this, I have not made much progress all these years. I can honestly say that nothing I've ever done musically has ever impacted me the way TG has. Neil Hogan is a spectacular guitarist with a range of styles and techniques that is impressive. But most of all, he is a kind and gentle man who loves music, loves the guitar and really loves his students. Yes, he talks a lot and get occasionally off track telling a story about a band or the technique behind something he's doing. It is just part of his charm.

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